10 March 2006

After a long hiatus, I'm again updating the feature articles on the site. The latest addition reviews advanced activation anneals for ultrashallow junctions. Enjoy!

Posted 02:54 PM

09 March 2006

Hmmm.... 5860 words in February, compared to 13,200 in January. Definitely headed in the wrong direction. I'm not hugely concerned since I did take a week off, but I definitely need to get it in gear. I've got a book to write...

2500 words in March so far, giving me a grand total of 21,560 year to date.

Posted 04:48 PM

08 March 2006

Forbes, quoting an interview in the Financial Times, reports that ASML is considering expanding into other areas of semiconductor manufacturing, perhaps by "buying a cluster of technology companies." Sounds like a good idea on paper, but I'm remembering how much trouble they had digesting the non-lithography parts of SVG. Heck, I'm remembering how much trouble they had digesting the lithography portion of SVG.

Posted 09:39 AM


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