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A single piece of thin film manufacturing equipment can have as many sensors and as many process variables as an entire chemical or pharmaceutical plant. Each piece of equipment is part of a re-entrant process flow that can involve hundreds of steps and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the value of the starting material.

Understanding the technology is not enough to ensure success. Great products fail every year because they did not target specific needs.

Understanding business is not enough, either. Constant innovation supports new business models and shakes the foundations of existing companies.

Your success depends on your ability to manage the interaction between business and technology.

At Thin Film Manufacturing, we help you see the big picture. Which new products, which research directions, will help your customers this year or five years from now? How will the landscape change in the next few years, and how can you maintain a consistent strategy in the face of those changes?

We can help you find the answers.


Thin Film Manufacturing provides technology and business analysis for the integrated circuit manufacturing industry and for related fields like flat panel displays, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and optoelectronics.

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Katherine Derbyshire

Katherine Derbyshire Katherine Derbyshire, the founder of Thin Film Manufacturing, has a BS in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MS in materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has published research on diamond thin films, high temperature superconductors, and archaeological bronzes.

She has been involved with the semiconductor manufacturing industry since 1994, when she joined Solid State Technology as Senior Technical Editor. She won two American Society of Business Press Editors (ASBPE) awards before departing as Chief Technical Editor in 1998. Next, she joined Semiconductor Online, where she quadrupled traffic and established the site as a leading information provider for the industry. She left Semiconductor Online in 2001 to found Thin Film Manufacturing.

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We have moved. Effective May 21, 2007, our new address is:

Thin Film Manufacturing
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