22 July 2004

And yet another new web toy. NewsIsFree aggregates newsfeeds you select. It has export tools allowing you to create your own RSS feed, or you can read on their site. After having two different PC-based aggregators break on me, I decided maybe a web tool was the way to go.

Posted 11:36 AM

The market is up, but industry consolidation continues. Lam announced it will exit the CMP market, while Ibis is abandoning SOI wafer sales to focus on SOI equipment exclusively. (Silicon Strategies articles, free registration required.)

Posted 09:50 AM

Nikkei Electronics Asia has a brief, but interesting summary of recent developments in organic circuits.

Posted 09:38 AM

21 July 2004

More interesting web tools. Furl is essentially a clipping file, with search tools that claim to let you find "that article I read a few weeks ago." All-Consuming keeps track of book mentions on the web, and also lets you create a personal book list. See the Reading List wiki page for more about things that I'm reading.

Posted 11:56 PM

20 July 2004

I'm playing with a couple of interesting web tools. is a bookmark manager that lets you share bookmarks with other people. Very flexible, which is probably both its strength and its weakness. blinkx is a search tool that claims to provide relevant information in background while you work.

No warranties expressed or implied. I've only started using both programs, and both are claimed by their authors to be beta or pre-beta quality. But if they work as advertised, they're likely to be very useful.

Posted 11:30 AM


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