30 April 2004

Oh, the irony. In the same week that the administration asserts before the Supreme Court its power to detain citizens without charge or trial, reports from Iraq remind us that power corrupts. Which is why the founding fathers were so careful to provide checks and balances.

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29 April 2004

8760 words since my last update, 42,695 since January 1. That's better than March, but not the way to get to that big 300K goal for the year.

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28 April 2004

The Mercury News writes about how Silicon Valley companies are waiting for Google, on the assumption that a Google IPO will cause a surge of interest in Internet companies.

Even if that's true, it seems to me that letting another company determine your business plan is a really dumb idea. Isn't depending on hype rather than execution what got the Internet sector in trouble in the first place?

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27 April 2004

TSMC is still seeing low-k reliability issues, particularly in high temperature (which means high performance) applications. The problem is collapsed vias, and the solution seems to be to add redundant vias. Hmmmm....

The same article includes lots of other interesting tidbits about TSMC's processes for 90 nm and below.

(Silicon Strategies article. Free registration required.)

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