24 April 2004

Whether you support the war in Iraq or not, I think it's important to remember that war is expensive. Those costs are very personal to the families of these soldiers.

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Posted 06:25 PM

22 April 2004

IBM's 90-nm process has yield problems. That isn't surprising. What is surprising is that the company admits it, blaming yield for the Microelectronics Group's failure to turn a profit in the first quarter.

My guess is that if IBM's yields are so bad that they're affecting profitability, other companies aren't doing any better.

Posted 11:12 AM

When I was growing up, the public library was about two blocks from my house. I practically lived there. Libraries have come a long way since then. Internet access has helped turn them into community centers, while helping them provide even better access to information.

(New York Times article. Free registration required. Link by way of Scripting News.)

Posted 10:57 AM

How do you make 10,000+ servers work together? Google knows. So does Akamai. Which is why, Simson Garfinkel suggests, the two companies face little competition, except perhaps from each other.

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