06 February 2004

Advanced lithography uses very high numerical apertures for maximum resolution, but doing so reduces the depth-of-field for accurate focus to only a few tenths of a micron. Keeping the entire areal image in focus requires a thin resist, but etch resistance requires a thicker layer. Bilayer resists achieve both goals by using a thin imaging layer on top of a thick etch-resistant layer. Dow Corning Electronics recently announced that they will supply silicon-based resins for such resists, initially targeting 193 nm lithography.

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04 February 2004

Scientific American has a good overview of organic semiconductor displays. Especially interesting for its comments about flexible displays and fabrication methods.

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03 February 2004

Just 4500 words since my last update, 13110 in January.

For February, the goal again stands at 1500 words per day. I need to average 26,000 and change per month for the rest of the year to get to my annual goal of 300,000. Onward!

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Technology does help productivity, but only when companies organize their businesses to use it. Investments in organizational learning, according to the New York Times (free registration required) dwarf investments in hardware and software.

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