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March 1, 2002

Fun stuff for a Friday afternoon. Requires Flash plug-in.

(Link by way of MetaFilter.)
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From the mailbag:
Rodel announced the settlement of its litigation with Cabot Microelectronics over slurry technology patents. Full terms were not disclosed, but Rodel will grant Cabot a license for the specific patents at issue and will receive a $1 million payment.
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February 28, 2002

Dan Gillmor is a technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News. That may very well earn him the unenviable title of most overworked technology journalist in the country. To help him dig through the mess, he's posted a clear and succinct set of guidelines for public relations people. Some of his pet peeves may not annoy everyone, but you won't go too far wrong by following his advice unless an editor specifically requests something else.
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It looks like the entertainment industry has finally gone too far. Intel, in Senate testimony, will argue that Hollywood's stance on copy protection threatens innovation. They're right, and maybe they've got enough clout to make it stick. It's too bad that Hollywood's lobbying dollars seem to have silenced critics with less vested interest.
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February 27, 2002

This is a new one. Someone claiming to represent Bill Jones, Republican candidate for California governor, sent me political junk email. The sender address was forged and the referenced web site contained no contact information.

Completely irrelevant to me, since I don't vote in California. Even more surprising, I would think a serious candidate would realize that sending spam to members of the high tech community is a pretty good way to sabotage one's electoral chances. Guess not.
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From the mailbag:
SEZ announced it will join Dow's SiLKnet Alliance for low-k process development. The alliance makes blank and partially processed wafers available for development of equipment, materials, and processes for Dow's spin-on low-k SiLK resins.
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February 26, 2002

Pressure is rising for Micron and Hynix to reach an agreement soon or give up. Creditors are not happy with Micron's latest proposal. Micron, meanwhile, seems to have decided what risk/reward ratio will make the deal a success, and will only make concessions that maintain the desired balance.
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Thanks to blogdex, I found links to this page from Jennifer St. Clair Bush's DisOrganization blog, and from a site called synthesis. Many thanks, and welcome!
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