01 March 2007

4500 words since my last update, a large chunk of them for an article on gate stacks for Solid State Technology. I am now writing a regular column for them -- the first installment appeared in February -- for which I'll have to post links as soon as the dust settles.

There's quite a lot of dust lately, however. It seems like literally every other day I get another phone call or email from a potential client. Which is a wonderful problem to have, but does tend to raise the chaos level.

The 4500 words gives me a grand total of 16,050 for February, and 32,000 for the year. Yay! I'd still like to get up to a thousand words per day, but am also happy to have maintained the pace I set in January. Onward!

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26 February 2007

Beatnik Turtle presents the Indie Band Survival Guide. Aimed at independent musicians, but has lots of interesting information about self-promotion, how the music business works, why file sharing will not bring the Apocalypse, and similar topics.

Link via 43 Folders. Site is bandwidth-challenged, but may improve once the 43 Folders-induced rush dies down.

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