16 January 2007

Pseudoproductivity is when you spend all your time surfing the web, looking for tips to make you more productive. Although, as Gina Trapani puts it, "You're going to earn back a few more minutes or hours of your life learning something new on Lifehacker [which Gina edits] than reading about Paris Hilton on Gawker." Unfortunately for me, the article also references a few productivity sites that I hadn't visited before...

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15 January 2007

Word count update: 6450 for the month and the year. That's short of where I need to be to hit 30,000 for the month, but still well ahead of most months last year. Yay!

In case you're wondering about the timing of these updates: it's as random as it looks. I write each day's total on a small whiteboard in my office. When the column gets to the bottom of the board, I total it up and do a post.

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