23 June 2005

IEEE Spectrum presents an overview of the Great Firewall of China, which uses mostly US-designed hardware to protect the Chinese people from dangerous ideas.

The article probably landed on the banned list. Of course, also hosts a vast library of technical data, including almost all of the thousands of papers published in IEEE journals and conference proceedings. (Many of those papers have Taiwanese authors, another reason to ban the site.) If I were a Chinese technologist or entrepreneur, I might not have a strong opinion about political censorship, but I'd be pretty upset about technological censorship.

Which is, ultimately, why every modern technological and economic power has been a democracy. It's impossible to know in advance what information will be important, impossible for non-expert bureaucrats to know what to reject and what to pass through. If business is war, then trying to compete with someone who has more complete information than you do is exactly like fighting blindfolded.

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