20 May 2005

bmoPHAT has some interesting musings on the potential fusion of the internet and radio. What happens when you give average people a platform? Lots of things, but one is that you discover that maybe "average" people are pretty extraordinary.

(Link by way of Crossroads Dispatches, which also points to Po Bronson's musings along the same lines.)

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17 May 2005

35 years later, IEEE Spectrum has a long article about Apollo 13's trip back from near disaster.

Posted 01:39 PM

Here's an interesting find. The Your Daily Art blog is exactly what the name suggests: a daily work of art, with brief background notes. Recent entries include a Georges Seurat sketch, an informal portrait by John Singer Sargent, and a Paul Klee painting. Worth a look if you like this sort of thing.

(Link by way of LockerGnome.)

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