06 May 2005

So much for that franchise. Disney has bought the Muppets. Worse, "Disney has deemed irreverence as one of the five core equities of the Muppets (humorous, heartwarming, puppet-inspired and topical being the other four)."

In other words, they're doomed. Sigh...

Posted 12:16 PM

Not too long ago, industry statistics tucked Taiwan away in the insignificant backwater known as "Rest of the World," far behind the US, Japan, and Europe. Not anymore. Now the island boasts the world's largest foundry (TSMC), the world's largest notebook computer supplier (Quanta, which supplies HP and Dell), and a huge number of independent assembly and design houses. Business Week looks at the tense, but essential, collaboration between Taiwan and mainland China.

Posted 11:44 AM

04 May 2005

The current issue of LensWork has an excellent collection of tips for photographers, most of which apply to any creative pursuit. (PDF file.)

Posted 11:03 AM

02 May 2005

Finally! A fundamentalist movement I can support. Sign me up for Unitarian Jihad.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Boot Knife of Patience. Get yours now.

Posted 11:22 PM


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