21 April 2005

Sematech's list of top technical challenges for 2006 contains few surprises, as many of the entries have appeared on such lists for several years. In fact, the static nature of the list is a bit worrisome. Advanced gate stacks, better low-k dielectric integration, and EUV infrastructure will all be needed for the 45 nm and smaller technology nodes. If those technologies are to be ready in time, they need to become "solved problems," not "top challenges."

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19 April 2005

The 2nd ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness will be held October 24-26, in Austin, TX. The Sematech-sponsored symposium "will share information and methodologies for reducing manufacturing expenses in both existing and next-generation fabs through advances in equipment, process, resource conservation, fab design, and manufacturing methods." Abstract submissions are due by June 15.

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