17 March 2005

This is a few months old, but I hadn't had a chance to read it before. Electronic Business looks at KLA-Tencor's learning culture, which the company considers integral to its low turnover and strong market position.

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16 March 2005

What a difference a letter makes, or the value of copyediting.

In 1962, the US conducted a nuclear test, codenamed "Project Sedan," in Nevada. This week, congressional testimony discussing the 1962 test was incorrectly transcribed to refer to "Sudan."

The government of Sudan was understandably upset to learn that their country had been used for a nuclear test without their knowledge. Diplomatic efforts to sort the mess out are ongoing.

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14 March 2005

Very long, but worth a look. The Project for Excellence in Journalism presents their 2005 report on the state of journalism. Covers print, broadcast, and online media, including both traditional and citizen-created journalism.

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