27 November 2004

The Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics presents a special section on extreme ultraviolet light sources. I haven't had a chance to read the papers yet, but they cover the full range of source concepts.

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For car enthusiasts, the 1950s were the Age of the Fin. But the early 1960s Lincoln Continental was the Last of the Great American Road Yachts.

I once owned half of a 1963 Continental Convertible. To give you a sense of scale, this beast is 19 feet long. A Hummer H2 is just under 16 feet long.

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23 November 2004

I'm sure that writing press releases is far more tedious than reading them. As a public service to those of you who struggle with that task, I'd like to point to the All-Purpose Press Release template, brought to you by the Annals of Improbable Research.

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22 November 2004

Slowly but surely, EUV is making progress. Papers at this month's Sematech symposium on EUV reported that source power is up to 50 watts. That's still less than half the requirement for manufacturing, but still a significant improvement over previous designs.

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One of my favorite writers has launched the web site for her newest books. Lynn Viehl's first Darkyn novel, If Angels Burn will be out in March.

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