28 October 2004

TSMC founder Morris Chang is worried about the future. I'm not as pessimistic as he is, but I'm not going to say he's wrong. Rising design and manufacturing costs are a real barrier to risk taking, and therefore to innovation.

Posted 11:25 AM

Hell freezes over. Boston celebrates on the ice.

Posted 09:35 AM

27 October 2004

Sox win! The fat lady is warming up.

Posted 10:22 AM

25 October 2004

What comes after silicon? Intel doesn't know, but figures they'll need an answer by 2020. Not surprisingly, they expect nanotechnology will play a leading role.

Posted 11:22 AM

The Red Sox continue to rewrite the record books, committing eight errors in the first two games of the World Series, but winning anyway. I'll take the wins, certainly, but would be a lot happier if they only gave the Cards 27 outs per game the rest of the way.

Posted 10:53 AM


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