13 October 2004

One of the interesting things about Rhapsody is that it makes it very easy to dig deep into the back catalog. The library includes classic blues, going all the way back to the dawn of recording technology. The sound quality can be pretty poor, but it's fascinating to hear just how much modern rock owes to people like Willie Dixon and Ma Rainey.

Posted 10:26 AM

This one falls into the "cool idea, but why" category. Online sticky notes.

Posted 09:57 AM

Japanese venture capitalist is invited to conference in Rome. Cross-cultural hilarity ensues.

Posted 09:36 AM

There's origami, and then there's origami. This gallery goes well beyond traditional cranes. (Basic captions in English, but most text in Japanese.)

Posted 09:28 AM

11 October 2004

Sometimes, the most important innovations are the simplest. Advanced lithography is a technological marvel, but it doesn't do much for places where people live on $2 a day. MIT professor Amy Smith, on the other hand, specializes in changing the world, one village at a time.

Posted 10:23 AM


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