11 September 2004

Lawrence Lessig went on vacation, and invited Judge Richard A. Posner to guest blog at his site. The result was a fascinating survey of intellectual property, counterterrorism, and global warming issues. To read in chronological order, start at the bottom and work your way up.

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08 September 2004

Project Censored presents the 25 most important under-reported stories of 2003-2004. How many are news to you?

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06 September 2004

The IEEE Electron Device Meeting is coming, in December. SiliconStrategies has a preview. (Free registration required.)

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05 September 2004

The long-running patent dispute between Nikon and ASML appears to be on the verge of a settlement. According to a Nikon press release, both parties have agreed to suspend legal proceedings pending settlement negotiations.

Details of the possible settlement were not available, but crosslicensing of the patents at issue is likely.

Posted 12:13 PM

When Intel sneezes, the whole industry gets the flu. The microprocessor giant lowered its third-quarter forecast, citing slowing demand and higher energy prices.

Posted 12:00 PM

The New York Times has a great visual representation of the language used by both parties at their respective conventions.

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