22 October 2003

5175 words since my last update, 212,845 since January 1. Total for October will probably be low, but I'm getting a lot of specific projects done so I'm not going to worry about it.

Posted 01:16 PM

21 October 2003

Part Two of the article on artificial intelligence I mentioned yesterday. This part isn't as good, with lots of handwaving about how much easier it would be to program a generalized sensor analysis algorithm than to figure out how biological brains work.

Posted 09:52 AM

20 October 2003

Ever since weblogs first appeared, people have been arguing about the relationship, if any, between weblogs and traditional journalism. PressThink has the first coherent discussion of differences and similarities between the two that I've seen. Be sure to read the comments to both articles as well, as readers have offered lots of interesting observations.

Posted 12:06 PM

There's an interesting article in The Register about artificial intelligence, human intelligence, and models of the brain. It highlights just how little we actually know about how that grey goo in our heads works. First of two parts.

Posted 11:24 AM


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