25 July 2003

1960 words yesterday, 153,775 since January 1. And my Semicon West report is now up on the site.

Posted 02:58 PM

24 July 2003

As expected, Semicon West put a cramp in my writing for the last couple weeks. Only 4300 words since my last update. 151,815 since January 1.

Posted 12:02 PM

Tyler Hamilton is insane. There is no other word for it. He broke his collarbone in two places in the first stage of this year's Tour de France. I've had a broken collarbone and I can tell you that it feels roughly like someone's driving a railroad spike into your shoulder. Rather than quit, though, he kept riding and actually won the stage yesterday. No big deal, just a 122 mi. jaunt through the Pyrenees. Hamilton is now in sixth place overall.

Posted 10:53 AM

23 July 2003

This is interesting. It's an article about beating writer's block for business writers. A lot of the techniques sound just like the ones I use for longer writing.

Posted 12:59 PM


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