31 May 2003

One of the blogs I read posted a list of recommended reading for a liberal education. It's a good place to start, especially for people who are self-educated or whose backgrounds (like mine) are strong on technology and weak on history and philosophy. I've reposted it to ThinFilmWiki: ReadingList.

Updated to reflect new wiki location.

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30 May 2003

1450 words yesterday, 116,100 since January 1.

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While we're collecting images, I just found the NPPA's photojournalism awards for 2003. Lots of variety here, from silly to sublime.

Posted 10:41 AM

Nagoya TV has a very nice online gallery of Japanese woodblock prints, or ukiyo-e. Worth a visit on a Friday afternoon.

(Flash required. Link by way of Metafilter.)

Posted 10:24 AM

For years, I've been expecting the demise of Apple Computer. Not only have I been consistently wrong, now I'm thinking of buying one of their systems. Wired columnist J. Bradford DeLong comments on Apple's resilience.

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29 May 2003

2625 words since my last update, 114,650 since January 1.

When I don't post here, it usually means I'm busy working on other things. In this case, I wrapped up a story on last week's SEMI New England Breakfast Forum, and an accompanying overview of chip market dynamics.

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How can market regulators prevent the next Enron fiasco? As Donald MacKenzie argues in the Guardian, it won't be easy. Any rule is subject to interpretation, and Enron's executives apparently believed their actions were legal.

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27 May 2003

Senator Robert Byrd is asking hard questions. Too bad the current administration is so short on answers.

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26 May 2003

I've been writing, even though I haven't been posting counts. 5040 words since my last update, 112,025 since January 1.

Posted 12:14 PM

The New York state Attorney General's office is taking on spam, coercive user agreements, and other deceptive technology practices. "We put up with a lot online that we'd never put up with offline. There's no reason not to hold Internet-based businesses, and Internet criminals, to the same legal standards we apply elsewhere."

It's about time!

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