28 March 2003

Not as much writing as I would like over the last few days, partly due to other distractions and partly due to plain old laziness. Oh well. 3600 words since my last update, 68,735 since January 1.

Posted 11:53 AM

The same characteristics go into a great image whether it's captured digitally or on film. Digital cameras have their own quirks, though. These tips can help make sure the image you capture looks like the one you visualized.

Posted 11:21 AM

Stonehenge is the most famous, but there are stone circles, standing stones, and other megaliths all over Europe. The Stone Pages is a large and growing collection of photos, travel tips, and other information about these sites.

(Link by way of Metafilter, which also has several related sites.)

Posted 10:38 AM

26 March 2003

Medical simulators have come a long way since the CPR dummies I learned on. The ones used to train Army medics can bleed, breathe, and die, giving trainees much more realistic practice than is possible with human volunteers.

(New York Times link, free registration required.)

Posted 11:32 AM

Corrected link to the BBC reporter's log. Apparently the link I posted before only gives one day's material.

Posted 09:53 AM


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