14 March 2003

I'm through the 60K barrier. 3900 words since my last update, 60,205 since January 1.

Posted 12:19 PM

12 March 2003

There's always more work to do, so there's always something to feel guilty about if you're not working. Relax, fire your inner slave driver, and remember that balance is important, too.

Posted 09:53 AM

11 March 2003

The Lord of the Rings Very Secret Diaries are back. Incomprehensible if you haven't seen the movies, but very funny if you have.

Posted 09:37 AM

10 March 2003

Only 1050 words this weekend, 56,035 since January 1. That's put me a little bit behind my goal for the month, but getting out of the house was good for me.

Posted 10:10 AM

I don't know why this makes me hopeful, but it does. The .af top-level domain, for Afghanistan, goes online today.

Posted 10:01 AM

The folks at MSNBC really ought to read their own editorial material. An article on their site about how annoying web ads are came with a total of eight ads, including two pop-ups.

(Link by way of TechDirt.)

Posted 09:49 AM


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