31 January 2003

Finally at least some people in the business press are questioning the "surfing at work is evil" line that web monitoring companies are selling. As Business 2.0 points out, "If you really don't trust your employees, maybe you should get different ones. If you do trust them, or want to, treat them accordingly. "

(Link by way of Techdirt)

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Gloomy fun for a gloomy Friday. Interactive mysteries with illustrations by Edward Gorey. Shockwave and text versions.

(Link by way of Metafilter)

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30 January 2003

1350 words on Tuesday, but none yesterday. So much for momentum... 17,305 since January 1.

Posted 12:24 PM

28 January 2003

1050 words yesterday, 15,955 since January 1. Plugging along...

Posted 10:28 AM

27 January 2003

Pretty good weekend for writing. 3300 words since my last update, 14,905 since January 1. I'm very slowly catching up on the days I lost earlier in the month, and I think I'm starting to build some momentum, too.

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