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April 18, 2002

The aforementioned archive problem is now more than a week old. It has not been fixed, and I've received no response whatsoever to my inquiries. Not acceptable, and not what I expected when I forked over the money for Blogger Pro.

I'll be moving the blog to new software as soon as I have a chance to set it up and configure it. Greymatter is the leading candidate at this point. If your favorite package is something different, leave a note in the comments and let me know.

In other news, only 550 words yesterday. 14,325 since April 1.
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April 17, 2002

Words yesterday: 1125. Words since April 1: 13,775.

Keeping track of my word count is interesting. It's making me very aware of all the things I'm doing that aren't writing. Some of them necessary, some not.
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Blogger archives are still misbehaving. If you're looking for a particular past post, your best bet is probably to use the search box in the upper right corner. I'm trying to figure out a workaround.
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April 16, 2002

Suss MicroTec has acquired BLE Products, which makes processing and handling equipment for MEMS and compound semiconductor wafers. As discussed elsewhere, compound semiconductor wafers are generally smaller and more difficult to handle than silicon.

The BLE Products site uses a completely illegible purple on green color scheme for some pages. Don't these people ever actually look at their sites?
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The site had a big jump in traffic last week, but from my server logs it's hard to see why. Welcome new visitors! If you like, leave a comment and let me know where you're coming from and what brought you here. Thanks!
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Spent most of yesterday watching the Boston Marathon, but still managed to write 1575 words. Total since April 1: 12,650.

Even though I'm not a runner, the Marathon has become sort of a Patriots' Day tradition. It always amazes me how good the lead runners look, how they're able to sprint to the finish even after running 26 miles. It also amazes me to see just how bad some of the less elite runners can look and still manage to put one foot in front of the other. The weather was pretty cool yesterday, which helped. All but 700 out of 14,837 starters managed to finish the race.
posted 09:45 |

April 14, 2002

Not a good day today. Only 450 words, for a total of 11,075 since April 1. Not sure what the problem is. I think I'm just tired. This was a busy day with lots of distractions.
posted 23:51 |
Yesterday: 2025 words. Since April 1: 10,625. This was all fiction. The antagonist in the Venice project has finally gotten off his behind and started to cause trouble.
posted 10:21 |

April 13, 2002

Today's words: 1800. Since April 1: 8600. All of it non-fiction today, including the beginnings of an essay that could be really interesting.
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April 12, 2002

Hmmm.... Blogger's archiving seems to be sick. The archive is temporarily fixed by a hack at my end. I'll wait until Blogger is better before I decide what to do long term.
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